Home Based Business Tips Success

Seven tried and true tips to help you start a successful home based business.

1) Any business, home based or brick and mortar, is a lot of work. Be prepared, at least at first, to work longer and harder in your own business than you do in your job. Once you are established, you can set the hours you choose to work.

2) Plan for success, but don’t expect it immediately. Depending on what type of business you are starting, success may take months or even a few years. As has been said, “Don’t quit your day job” until you can support yourself reliably with your home business.

3) Do *not* look for a product or service you think will sell, and then try to convince everybody how wonderful it is. Look for a perceived or real need, or a want, and fill it.

4) Know your likes and dislikes. Know what your abilities are and what they are not. If you find tattoos offensive and you have absolutely no artistic ability whatsoever, don’t even think of starting a mobile tattoo business!

5) Do you enjoy kids or are you uncomfortable and awkward around them. Do you like dogs and/or cats, or do you shy away? Worse yet, are you allergic? What kind of people do you enjoy being around? Young? Middle aged? Elderly? Beautiful and rich? Artistic? Musical? Athletic? Special needs? Intellectual? Urban? Rural? A particular ethnic group? No matter what group of people you naturally gravitate towards and are most comfortable around, be observant. Do you sense a common need? Do you hear over and over, “Gee, I sure wish I had a (fill in the blank here.)” If you do, light bulbs should be going off in your head! Find a way to meet that need!

6) Do you make something unique, such as clothes or a recipe or a craft item? Do people say, “That is so cute/tasty/clever/whatever, you could sell it!” ? Investigate ways to do just that.

7) Do you know how to do something that others would pay to learn? Write an e-book that you can sell. Or become an online tutor in the subject. Or do both.

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