Success in Your Internet Home Based Business Has Nothing to Do With Your Product Or Company

If you’re in any kind of business on your own, are a network marketer, or a salesman, one of the most important things you need to learn is the title of this article.

Does it really matter if your product costs less than the competition? Does it really matter if your product is better quality than another? Does it really matter if your product grows in the jungles of the Amazon. No it doesn’t. What matters is that it is of worth to your customer and provides a solution for a problem your customer has.

This is why you really don’t have any competition. What you have are people who provide other goods and services that are different from yours. And what you want to do is to target the customers that want your product or service.

You see, your real business is marketing – not sales. If you were to buy the hottest product in the world and have it delivered to your garage, how much do you think you would sell if you didn’t let anyone know about it.

If I were to sell pianos, which I have, I can tell you that the important difference between most pianos is such a small difference that your average customer can’t tell the difference. However, the company that has been a huge success in the piano business is Yamaha.

Yamaha doesn’t have the best piano in the world. There are many brands that are much better. They have a good quality product, but what Yamaha has done is a world class process of getting their name out there. They are great marketers.

And you must also become a great marketer if you want to succeed in your internet home based business or any business that depends on the sale of goods or services. Heck, you need to do that if you want to be the top guy in any field. You must market well.

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